Access Information

Visit Abashiri by plane --- From any place in Japan to Abashiri ---


It takes about 30 minutes to go by car from Abashiri to the nearest airport "Memanbetsu Airport".
Memanbetsu Airport is linked to Tokyo, Sapporo (New Chitose), Chubu (Nagoya) and Kansai (seasonal) by various airlines. For details, please refer to websites of those airlines.

Journey time (by air)

Sapporo (New Chitose) - Memanbetsu 6 flights a day Required time: about 50 minutes
Haneda - Memanbetsu 5 flights a day Required time: about 1 hour 50 minutes
Chubu (Nagoya) - Memanbetsu 1 flight a day Required time: about 2 hours
Kansai - Memanbetsu Seasonal services Required time: about 2 hours 30 minutes
Itami - Memanbetsu Seasonal services Required time: about 2 hours 30 minutes

Buses bound for Abashiri are operated in accordance with the arrival of flights.
Buses bound for Memanbetsu Airport depart from the Abashiri Bus Terminal so as to arrive at the airport about 70 minutes before the time for departure of airplanes.


Visit Abashiri by rail --- Round-trip in Hokkaido ---


You may like a leisurely train journey, too. If you take a train on the Senmo Main Line, running through the Kushiro Marshland along the Sea of Okhotsk, you can enjoy the magnificent scenery beyond the train windows. During the drift ice season, the "Ryuhyo Monogatari Train" is operated between Abashiri and Shiretoko-Shari. You can take a comfortable limited express train from Sapporo or Asahikawa (4 round-trip services a day).

Journey time (by JR train)

From Sapporo Station to Abashiri Station (JR Sekihoku Line)About 5 hours 30 minutes (by limited express train)
From Asahikawa Station to Abashiri Station (JR Sekihoku Line)About 3 hours 50 minutes (by limited express train)
From Kushiro Station to Abashiri Station (JR Senmo Line)About 3 hours 20 minutes (by rapid-service train)

Visit Abashiri by bus --- Inter-city bus tours ---


In Abashiri, there are fixed-route buses connecting the center of the city and Memanbetsu Airport, buses making a tour of tourist attractions in the city, and inter-city buses connecting Abashiri and Sapporo.

For inquiries about and reservation of inter-city buses

Abashiri Bus Co.,Ltd. Minami 2-jo Nishi 1-1-15, Abashiri City, Hokkaido 093-0012 TEL:+81-152-43-4101
Hokkaido Kitami Bus Co.,Ltd. Odori Nishi 2-15, Kitami City, Hokkaido 090-0040 TEL:+81-157-23-2185
Hokkaido Chuo Bus Corp. Odori Higashi 1-3, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido 060-0041 TEL:+81-11-231-0600

Reservation is required for the highway bus "Dreamint Okhotsk".

Fixed-route buses and regular sightseeing buses in Abashiri City

Abashiri Bus Co.,Ltd. Please refer to the website of Abashiri bus for the timetables of:
- Shiretoko Airport Liner [No reservation required] *seasonal operation
- Tourist Attractions Sightseeing Line [No reservation required]
- Fixed-route buses within Abashiri City, and buses bound for Lake Saroma or Gensei Kaen from Abashiri.

Visit Abashiri by ferry --- Own car & motorcycle ---


No ferries call in ports in Dou-to (East Hokkaido) at present, but ferries call in Tomakomai, Otaru and Hakodate from many areas in Japan. Please try them if you wish to make a tour of Abashiri in your own car.
For details such as service routes, please refer to the website of the Japan Long Course Ferry Service Association.

Journey time (From main ports in Hokkaido to Abashiri)

Tomakomai Port to Abashiri about 6 hours by car
Otaru Port to Abashiri about 5 hours 30 minutes by car
Hakodate Port to Abashiri about 9 hours by car

City tour by taxi


It you wish to look around Abashiri in your own way, you may like sightseeing by taxi. There are courses for visiting many tourist attractions. For details, please refer to websites of taxi companies.

Examples of taxi fares

From Abashiri Station to Memanbetsu Airport (about 5,000 yen)
From Abashiri Station to Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum (about 1,500 yen)
From Abashiri Station to Abashiri Prison Museum (about1,300 yen)
From Abashiri Station to Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples (about 1,500 yen)
From Abashiri Station to "Aurora" Terminal (about 1,000 yen)
From Abashiri Station to Shiratori Park, Lake Tofutsu (about 3,500 yen)

The amounts above are for reference only.

For inquiries about and reservation of taxis

Abashirihokkou Taxi Hire Ltd.Shinmachi 1-9-18, Abashiri City, Hokkaido 093-0046TEL:+81-152-43-4141
Abashiri Hire Co., Ltd.Shinmachi 2-3-12, Abashiri City, Hokkaido 093-0046TEL:+81-152-43-3939

For inquiries about and reservation of welfare taxis

Nice Life Minami 6-jo Nishi 3-chome, Abashiri City, Hokkaido 093-0016 TEL:+81-152-45-4666
Large-sized vehicles which can accept a stretcher (bed) and accommodate up to 4 companions.
Tsubasa Yobito 168-10, Abashiri City, Hokkaido 099-2421 TEL:+81-152-48-3333
Can accommodate a wheelchair as well.

City tour by bicycle


If you take a tour of Abashiri by bicycle, you can feel the wind of Abashiri which you can not feel in a car. The cycling road from Abashiri to Tokoro is comfortable. In winter, fat bike tours are good, too.

For inquiries about rental bicycles

Roadside Station "Ryuhyo-Kaido Abashiri" (Abashiri Tourist Association)Minami 3-jo Higashi 4-chome, Abashiri City, Hokkaido 093-0003TEL:+81-152-44-5849
JR Hokkaido Rent-A-Lease Abashiri OfficeShinmachi 2-2, Abashiri City, Hokkaido 093-0046TEL:+81-152-43-6197

You can check tourist facilities and seasonal tourist attractions!

Hotels and bathing facilities in Abashiri and the neighboring regions are introduced.

Gourmet foods and restaurants unique to Abashiri are introduced.

Specialties and souvenirs are introduced. Please check seafood for souvenirs!

Activities in each season are introduced! Some of them are very unique to Abashiri.