January - March

Ice Breaker Aurora


Breaking ice up to one meter thick, the boat cruises on the frozen Sea of Okhotsk. You can often see white-tailed sea eagles and seals from on board.

Operating Period lateJan.-earlyApr.
Boading place Location:5-1 Minami 3 JO, Higashi 4 Chome, Abashiri
Road side station Ryuhyo Kaido Abashiri (Port Tourism Exchange Center)
Inquiries Tel:+81-152-43-6000
Access [Bus]10 min. by direct bus from Abashiri Station.
[Car]8 min. from Abashiri Station

Abashiri Okhotsk Drift Ice Festival


Large and small ice sculptures and snow figures add to the excitement during winter in Abashiri. Wide variety of events to enjoy! At night the ice sculptures are lit up in a rainbow of colored lights and turn the area into a world of fantasy; a view that is quite different from daytime.
Details (Japanese only)

Period Early February
Location Abashiri Commercial Port Wharf Site
Inquiries Tel:+81-152-44-6111
Abashiri Okhotsk Drift Ice Festival Executive Committee(Abashiri City Hall Tourism Division)
Access [Bus]10 min. from Abashiri Sta. on the " Tourist Facility Rounds Route" Bus
Get off the bus at "Ryuhyo Saihyosen Terminal" bus stop 10 min. walk from road station to the venue.
[Car]10 min. from Abashiri Station

Okhotsk Yatai Mura (Vendor's Village)


A long line of vendors set up by many of the restaurants in Abashiri serve local Abashiri specialties at low cost. You can barbecue and eat on the spot too.
Come and enjoy Yatai Mura in the middle of winter.

Period Early February
Location Abashiri Central Shopping Arcade (Apt. 4)
Inquiries Tel:+81-152-43-1146
(Okhotsk Yatai Mura Executive Committee)
Access [Car]8 min. by direct bus from Abashiri Station.
[On Foot]3 min. from Abashiri Bus Terminal, and 15 min. from Abashiri Sta.

Abashiri Station - Shiretoko Shari Station

Ryuhyo Monogatari Train

View the drift ice that washes up on the shores of Okhotsk, from the windows of the Ryuhyo Monogatari train that runs along the coast of Okhotsk.The train comes in two different designs, one in blue, which represents the blue Sea of Okhotsk, and one in white, which represents the drift ice.
Ryuhyo Monogatari runs between Abashiri and Shiretoko-Shari, and if you board from Abashiri Station, the train makes a ten-minute stop at Kitahama Station, where you can enjoy the view of the Sea of Okhotsk covered in drift ice. If you board from Shiretoko-Shari Station, the train will stop for twenty minutes at Hama Koshimizu Station, where you can enjoy shopping at the road station.
*The drift ice nears the coast at different times each year, so you may not be able to see it when you board the train.

Operating Period Late January - late February
Operating Zone Abashiri Station - Shiretoko-Shari Station
Train Fare 840 JPY (one-way, children pay half price)
Inquiries JR Abashiri Station

Scenic Drift Ice Slider

Take in the gorgeous view of the Sea of Okhotsk and drift ice from the 100 meter long tube and bobsled course, or from the slide made of ice. Both of these are typical outdoor activities of snow country, and are fun for both adults and children.
*Special events are held on the weekends. (scheduled)

Period Late January - early March 9:30 - 16:00
Location Tentozan Observatory: located on the premises of Okhotsk Drift Ice Museum (244-3 Tentozan)
Inquiries ・+81-152-43-5951(Okhotsk Drift Ice Museum)
・+81-152-44-6111(Abashiri Tourism Department)
Access ・10 minutes by car from Abashiri Station
・Take the bus bound for Tentozan (drift ice museum)

April - June

Skunk Cabbage Blossoming Season


Between Abashiri and Memanbetsu, the greatest skunk cabbage colony spreads over an area of 52 hectares.
After the snow melts in late April, they begin to put out beautiful white flowers.

Location Abashiri Lakeside (Yobito, Abashiri)
Season Late April - Early May
Inquiries Tel:+81-152-44-6111
(Abashiri Tourism Department, Tourism Promotion Section)
Access [Bus]10 min. from Abashiri Sta. on the "Bihoro Route" or "Memanbetsu Airport Rout "Bus
Get off at "Yogogakko Iriguchi" bus stop.

July - September

Abashiri Okhotsk Summer Festival


The way to enjoy the short summer in Abashiri is through the citizen's favorite "Abashiri Okhotsk Summer Festival."
The central shopping arcade becomes the festival site where there are "Beer Festivals", and "Ryuhyo Dance", where the citizens dress in similar yukatas or costumes and dance together. There is also a "Grand Music March" where elementary to high school brass bands play as they march through the streets. At the fireworks that are held at the port, you can feel the magnitude of the 30 inch firecrackers that are set off and split the Okhotsk sea and sky with sound and beautiful colors.

Location Central Abashiri and road station Ryuhyo Kaido Abashiri
Period Late July
Inquiries Tel:+81-152-43-3031
(Abashiri Chamber of Commerce)
Access [Car]8 min. from Abashiri Station

Orochon Fire Festival


rochon Fire Festival is held every year in late July. The object of the exotic festival is to mimic the dances of the northern people who lived on the continent and comfort the spirits, as well as pray for a good harvest.

Period Late July
Location Road station Ryuhyo Kaido Abashiri
Inquiries Tel:+81-152-44-5849
(Abashiri Tourism Association)
Access [Bus]10 min. from Abashiri Station
[Car]8 min. from Abashiri Station

Okhotsk Abashiri Marathon


Abashiri Prison, a famous tourist attraction in Abashiri, is the starting line for the marathon. As to the full marathon, marathon runner run to Lake Omagari adorned with over 1.5 million sunflowers via Cape Notoro famous as scenic sight for movies.
There is also 5 km and 3 km course. Young and old of both sexes can enjoy the marathon.
After you finish the marathon, you can enjoy yourself at the Umi and Daichi harvest festivals that are held simultaneously. Those who complete the marathon can get a medal with Abashiri Prison engraved on the back. Marathon is held in end of September.

Abashiri Harvest of Sea and Land Fest


A harvest festival of thanksgiving for the abundant blessings harvested from the land and sea, which is made up from the sea of Okhotsk and five lakes, will be held at Omagari Lakeside Park.

Period Late September
Location Omagari Lakeside Park
Inquiries Tel:+81-152-44-5849
(Abashiri Tourism Association)

October - December

Pond Smelt Fishing


A winter favorite in Hokkaido, where a hole is drilled into the vast white frozen ice of Lake Abashiri, and one fishes for smelt. Smelt are great grilled or in tempura. Induction cookers can be used for \200 for 10 minutes. Purchase a tempura set (\500) and cook and taste the fish you caught on the spot.

Season Early January - Mid March
Time 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Fee/Fishing Fees Adults 800 JPY / Children 400 JPY
Rentals Pole 150 JPY / Chair 100 JPY / Hook rig 250 JPY
Other Bait 200 JPY / Hole Drill 300 JPY
Inquiries Location:On Lake Abashiri
(Abashiri Tourism Association)
Access [Bus]10 min. from Abashiri Sta. on the "Bihoro Route" or "Memanbetsu Airport Route "Bus
Get off the bus at "Abashiri Kosou Mae"

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