Contact information for each activity

Horseback trekking

Gensei Bokujo Kanko Center

Contact  +81-152-46-2121 

Horseback trekking offered by Gensei Bokujo Restaurant in Mokoto, Abashiri City is gaining popularity.
This Mokoto area is full of ups and downs with the mountain, the lake and the sea. You can see the beautiful scenery while riding on top of a horse.
The course changes depending on the condition on the day, which is exciting.
Even if you are a beginner, you will be able to manage a horse soon under the guidance of the instructor Konishi.

Abashiri Nature Guide Tour

Okhotsk Jinendo

Contact  +81-152-46-2777 

A couple with 10-years’ experience of guiding will show you around the natural settings around Abashiri in an amusing, leisurely way.
The main program includes Snow trekking to encounter drift ice and the frozen falls, Japanese smelt fishing in Lake Abashiri (guided), Eagle watching (Steller's sea eagles & white‐tailed eagles), Strolling in Gensei Kaen with the guides, and Trekking in the Shiretoko Five Lakes. We can cater either to individual customers or to group customers, so please ask us.

Abashiri Nature Guide


Contact  +81-90-8271-4903 

Drift ice covering the ocean, and giant eagles flying in the sky. Washi-no-Tomarigi will show you around the wonderful nature of Okhotsk near Abashiri. Binoculars and scopes are available for the purpose of observation, so you can clearly see Steller's sea eagles and white‐tailed eagles.

Trekking & fishing

mökki, a shop of general goods from Northern Europe and outdoor experiences

Contact  +81-90-2055-2661 

mökki offers guided tours for trekking and fishing. In the trekking tours, you are escorted to Lake Abashiri Nature Trail (strolling course) or to Mt. Mokoto (one-day course) according to your desire.
In the fishing course, you can experience fishing at the sea, around Abashiri Port or on the neighboring coasts. You can try to fish right-eye flounders from spring to fall, and even large-sized fish such as Okhotsk salmon (pink salmon) and salmon in fall. In winter, you can try fishing Japanese smelt on frozen Lake Abashiri. Rental fishing gear, bait and a rental life jacket are included in the fee, so please feel free to join the tours. Pickup services are available for all our programs.

Bird watching

Tancho Nature Trail

Contact  +81-152-44-6111(Tourism Division, Abashiri City Hall, extension 243/303)

Tancho Nature Trail, located in Lake Abashiri, is a promenade in the woods ideal for bird watching. Enjoy “forest-bathing” and interaction with birds.


Okhotsk Country Club

Contact  +81-152-46-2521 

Location: Kitahama, Abashiri City Access: 15 minutes' walk from JR Kitahama Station Period: From mid-April to mid-November


Lakeside Park Notoro

Contact  +81-152-47-1255

Location: Notoro-minatomachi 5-1
Period: From June 1 to September 30 (Facilities other than the camping ground: From May 1 to October 31)
Facilities: Tent sites, the cooking building, the lavatory building, cottages, Pao, the park golf course, and the event square

Auto camp site "Tent Land"

Contact  +81-152-45-2277 

Location: Tentozan Period: From late April to October
Facilities: Camping sites, tent sites, lodges, barbecue corners and the park golf course, etc.

Yobitoura Camping Ground

Contact  +81-152-44-6111

Location: Yobito Period: From May 1 to October 31 Facilities: Flushing toilets, cooking facilities and a rest house

Fruit picking

Abashiri Kanko Fruit En

Contact  +81-152-43-4560

An orchard located halfway up Mt. Tento on the east side.
You can pick strawberries from late June to early August, cherries from early July to mid-August, plums from late August to late October, apples from mid-September to late October, pears from mid-August to late October, and prunes, chestnuts and grapes in early November.

Yokoyama Orchard

Contact  +81-152-48-2942 

Location: Nakazono 358-6, Abashiri City Period: From July to September Fee: 700 yen per adult, 300 yen per elementary school student.

Wakai Farm

Contact  +81-152-43-5753

Location: Yasaka 16, Abashiri City Period: From July to August Fee: 500 yen per adult, 300 yen per child

Shellfish gathering

Lake Notoro

Contact  +81-152-61-3311(Nishi-Abashiri Fishermen's Cooperative)

The southwest coast of Lake Notoro is the best place for shellfish gathering. The east coast of about 5 kilometers from the north end of the Notoro Fishing Port (Futamigaoka) to the lake inlet is open to the public for free.
Only short-necked clams can be gathered. It is prohibited to gather hen clams, scallops, tsubu (river snails), urchins, oysters and Hokkai shrimp. In addition, shellfish gathering in places other than the open area is prohibited.


Abashiri Lake View Ski Resort

Contact  +81-152-43-3647

Abashiri Lake View Ski Resort, spreading between Mt. Tento and Mt. Taikan, commands the finest view in Hokkaido. It has six ski slopes from beginners' course to skilled skiers' course, and lighting facilities.
Period: From late December to early March Fee: 2,500 yen for rental ski gear


Abashiri Municipal Ice Skating Rink

Contact  +81-152-43-6979

Access: About 10 minutes' ride from Abashiri Bus Terminal / Abashiri Station. Get on the bus bound for Omagari (for example, for Shokugyo-Kunrenko)
Admission free / Fee for rental skates: 600 yen

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