Local products of Abashiri



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This name comes from "Ni Popo", a word meaning a "small wooden child" in the language of the Sakhalin Ainu people. People living in the northern area used to make a wooden doll and cherish it as a lucky charm to protect them from injuries during hunting and their family from diseases, displaying the doll in their house or carrying it with them. In the City of Abashiri, Nipopo dolls were experimentally produced and sold by prisoners of Abashiri Prison in 1954. They are made of pagoda trees (Sophora japonica; pea family) grown in cold regions, which are hard and contain a lot of fats. Their surface takes on a good polish after long-term storage. Today prisoners are still manufacturing dolls, in the hope that they can be released from the prison as soon as possible.


Ryuhyo Ame (drift ice candy)

Abashiri Tourist Association trademark registration number 6095956

The City of Abashiri asked Nagata Candy Co., Ltd. to produce the candies. After many years of trial production, the company managed to realize the color and shape similar to that of actual drift ice (and is still manufacturing the drift ice candies). Rough sweetness spreads in your mouth.
Ryuhyo Ame (small bag; 130g) 216 yen,Ryuhyo Ame (medium bag; 210g) 324 yen,Ryuhyo Ame (box; 390g) 648 yen


Sakhalin Ilga

Abashiri Tourist Association

Original wooden handicrafts "Sakhalin Ilga", using traditional patterns "Ilga" of the northern ethnic minority group "Uilta people" as a motif, are being sold. "Ilga" means "a pattern" in the Uilta language. Ethnic groups in Sakhalin and Siberia have their own Ilga, and use it as their "face", like a family insignia in Japan. Scrolls seen in the design of Ilga represent a spectacular flow generated in the Amur River during the thaw.
Being sold at the counters of Abashiri Tourist Association, and at hotels in Abashiri City.
Types: pendants, chokers, bracelets, straps, etc.

Abashiri is the birthplace of frozen minced flesh!


Japan's catch of Alaska pollock, which is a raw ingredient of kamaboko, used to be larger than that of any other fish. But its freshness is quickly lost, and it is discolored if it is frozen without being processed. Thus, in 1960, "frozen minced flesh" developed by Hokkaido Prefectural Fisheries Experiment Station (Abashiri) was commercialized for the first time in Abashiri.
"Frozen minced flesh" is counted as one of the three major food-related inventions after World War II in Japan, along with "electric rice cookers" and "instant ramen".



Otani Kamaboko-ten
Donuts made from frozen minced flesh of Alaska pollock produced in Abashiri.
These donuts are so moist, fluffy and sweet that it is difficult to believe that they are made from fish.

天才ビートくん かぼちゃシロップ 「シンデレラの雫」

Tensai Beet-Kun Pumpkin Syrup "Cinderella-no-Shizuku"

Beet kokuto (black sugar) made from beets produced in the Abashiri area, which is good both for beauty and for health.

Hokkaido Beet Kokuto
[Address] Shinmachi 3-chome 6-24, Abashiri City
●[Inquiry] /+81-152-44-0941

Seishu "Kimi-ga-Sode", "Ryuhyo-shu (drift ice sake)", "Abashiri Wine" and "Abashiri Beer"


Seishu "Kimi-ga-Sode"

Local sake produced by using the spring water from Katsuragaoka, Abashiri for preparation.

Okhotsk Ryuhyo-shu

Brewed sake produced by using the Drift ice in the Sea of Okhotsk for preparation.


Abashiri Beer

"Ryuhyo DRAFT" characterized by the bright blue color, produced by using drift ice for preparation.


Various Clione goods

Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum
Many Clione goods are being sold; Clione towels, Clione ballpoint pens, Clione straps for mobile phones, etc.
[Address] Tentozan 244-3, Abashiri City
[Inquiry] /+81-152-43-5951, and other souvenir shops in the city

脱獄犯せんべい 監獄ポテトチップス

Datsugokuhan Sembei Prison Potato Chips

Datsugokuhan "Gosunkugi-no-Torakichi" Sembei 1,050 yen (large), 630 yen (small)
Prison Potato Chips 157 yen


Scallop Nipopo Kamaboko

Hokuto Co., Ltd
Packs of 5 pieces, packs of 10 pieces, and packs of 20 pieces. This is a popular original product of Hokuto, very fresh minced flesh and scallops from the Okhotsk Sea being packed into the shape of Nipopo.
Ryuhyo Koban is thick kamaboko in the shape of koban (former Japanese oval gold coins). It contains scallops.

Fresh fish, king crab, and processed seafood products, etc.


Abashiri is a fishery base with the Okhotsk Sea and four lakes/swamps.
In Abashiri, a wide variety of marine products can be obtained, and seasonal seafood can be eaten.


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